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Friday, November 4, 2011

Update Nov. 4, 2011

Ajay's surgery will be Dec. 7th at Mott Children's Hospital, where he had his other open heart surgery. Only home just 4 weeks, and the cardiologist phoned me personally on Sunday afternoon to inform me that we couldn't wait for summer for the 2nd surgery needs to be completed. Although surprised and scared, thinking of not only Ajay's health, but worried about his ability to recover. We feel that he is stronger than 3 months ago, he still lacks physical strength and nutrition. He still refuses to eat, but does attempt to put food on his mouth, which is progress, but now where near 1300 calories "needed" according to all his doctors. Since my last post, therapies have ended due to insurance coverage, and we have started him on an appetite stimulant prescribed by his GI doctor. Its been only 2 days, but we are hoping to see more attempts at eating and drinking. He only drinks small amounts of juice and water, and refuses milk.
We will be celebrating Christmas on Dec. 3rd, so that we can have Christmas as a family... Santa has been informed via "Freddy the Elf" of the request for an early Christmas this year! ( in case some of you were wondering...) 
I will keep the blog going while in the hospital again. Please continue prayers for Ajay!


  1. Carrie ~ you can COUNT on it!! We will absolutely be praying for Ajay and for God to work out all the details, so that he is ready and has the strength needed to sustain him through this next surgery. I can only imagine the heaviness that weighs on your heart. Know that you do not enter that hospital alone, many thoughts are going with you, many prayers are going up for you, and I trust God will set his Angels charge over you and your precious boy.

    Sending lots of love and hugs your way!


  2. Ajay (& you!) continue to be in our prayers. Such heavy burdens for a mother's heart...I hope it brings you comfort to know that others are lifting Ajay up in prayer. Trusting God for continued blessings for your miracle boy...