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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Jan. 25, 2012

Since arriving here at the hospital Sunday night, Ajay has has been treated for cellulitis infecion around the gtube site. There is extreme redness, swelling, and is very painful. However, there is no drainage, which makes the diagnosis of the infection becuase they are not able to culture it to see what antibiotics will work best. So, they started 2 different antibiotics to cover most skin infections. He has had some side effects but is doing pretty well overall.

The GI specialist noticed that the mickey button that was placed last Tuesday may be too tight, causing friction and room enough for infection to grow. So, Thursday,he will place a s-lightly larger button so that the skin under the button has some room to breathe.
Assuming all goes well, we should be released on Thursday pm.

So now we wait.....

New surgery date for Ajays open heart surgery is March 9, 2012.

Since Dec 6th, Ajay has put on 2# and with new setback, it will give us 5 more weeks to help him gain another pound or two. He doesnt really show too much interest in food nowdays, but is holding down 1100 calories which is a large accomplishment for us. He is not allowed to attend preschool, but hascompleted the IEP process, and will be able to receive services here at home.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update Jan 22, 2012

We were settling in for a nice weekend with our family, our last before Ajay's surgery quickly approaching on Tuesday 24th, and i saw that since yesterday his gtube site was really red and swollen since the night before. I took him to the local ER todsy at noonand they sent us to the bigger hospital where all his specialists are, and also close to the surgeon. ( i felt as well as the docs for ajay to be closer to surgeon now vs transfer him later if there were complications)He has an infection, and needs antibiotics through an IV for several days. I will stay here with him, until the infection clears. Needless to say, the surgery for Tuesday is canceled (again). I will be sure to update soon when I know more.