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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Its official...

We are on our way to adopt a precious boy named "Judah" who resides at a special needs foster home in Beijing, China! Judah, since Aug 2010, has captivated our hearts and souls by entering our lives unexpectedly. As most of you know, we have 4 small boys under 6 years old. Our plans for a family were complete! One day, I received a personal email from our agency stating that she needed help to advocate for a small boy from China with a severe congenital heart defect. I opened the email and instantly fell in love with this boy! I didn't know what to do, as Paul and I had conversions about our family being "complete."  But I could not ignore the feelings of being this boys mother. Its a strange feeling, only experienced by adoptive moms, but its something that is unexplanable. You just KNOW :) when its meant to be....and it was....I emailed Paul the file and letter from the agency, requesting advocating for this sick little boy.  Paul responded, "Lets go get him."

As time went on, school was about to start, my new job, finishing my Masters, and maintaining my business, and I felt that we could commit to the care of this child. Experiencing heart disease with our son, Anthony in 2008, we both felt we could care for Judah. We had to start over in the adoption process, new Home Study, paperwork, etc and still maintain normal life at home.

Judah has a special story, as he was taken in by a special needs foster home in Beijing, in hopes of curing his badly deformed heart. With sadness and tears in virtual friends notes and letters, we soon realized his heart is not curable. In fact, no doctor would operate on him due to the complexity of his heart. He was not expected to live past day 3, and today is lives to be 2.5 years old. :) Doctors both in China and USA physicians/volunteers at the foster home, stated they couldn't believe this little miracle. There is no reason this child should be alive...we never know His plan....

Paul and I decided to go full speed ahead and proceed with the unknown. We both have always felt that if God should take the life of this child, or any of our children, that we provided a chance for him/them at life, provided him with love which is what all children deserve. We believe we can make a difference.

All of our contacts and doctors have been notified and given medical information on Judah to better prepare for his arrival. We will be working with the same surgical cardiothoracic team at the University of Michigan Motts Children Hospital as well as the team locally at Toledo Children's Hospital. We are extremely confident that these doctors will give Judah the best chance at life. It was said to me that only a handful of doctors in the world could meet Judah's complex needs. We will continue to hope and pray that he will arrive to the USA with a new beginning and healing heart.

We are still in the rush of paperwork phase, but are fully prepared to give Judah the surgeries he needs and the family he deserves.

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