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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday/Adoption Timeline April 2011

We are on our way! We received our last and final approval to adopt Judah, the LOA, which stands for Letter Of Approval. This is the final letter stating China has approved us! Normal time lines are crazy waiting up to 4 months, and we with the grace and blessings of God, were approved in 2 1/2 weeks! This is unheard of!!! We are continuing to pray for an expedited adoption process so we can get our little one the medical treaments, and surgery her desparately needs.  Below is our timeline so far...
  • Began in July 2010 for him to be recognized as an orphan
  • Papers filed for acceptance of Judah Aug 2010
  • Home Study visit 8/06/10
  • Home Study completed and submitted 11/26/2010
  • China released him for adoption 11/23/10
  • LOI (letter of Intent to Adopt) 11/26/10
  • PA (Pre-Approval) 12/09/10
  • I800 submitted to USCIS (fingerprints) 12/11/10
  • USCIS approval Paul 1/7/11, Me 1/11/11 and failed, re-do 1/18/11
  • Fingerprint approval 2/15/11
  • DTC (Dossier to China) 3/14/11
  • LID (Log in Date) 3/18/11
  • LOA (Letter of Approval) 4/4/11
  • I800 submitted - Immigration papers 4/5/11
  • Submitted Visas and request for Chinese Visas 4/11/11
  • Letter of receipt 4/6/11 (received 4/16/11)
  • Received Passports with Chinese entrance Visas 4/18/11
  • I800 Approval 4/21/11
  • Provisional Approval........
  • NVC Notification..........
  • Article 5 .............
  • Travel Approval......
  • Here is a pic of Judah eating a snack while looking at our family photo!
We are almost ready to go to China! Just a few more steps to complete further immigration documents and prepare for our travel plans. We are preparing for possibly traveling at the end of May or early June. Stay tuned!