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Monday, May 23, 2011


We have our tickets! Tuesday, May 31st our flight leaves at 1:15pm thru Chicago to Japan to Beijing arriving June 1st at 9:15pm. Then we will travel by car to New Day Foster Home, approximately 2 hours away,to begin our real journey to Judah. It will be night time, so we may not be able to see him until morning.

Our next flight will be Sat June 4th flying into Judah's home province, with a nanny and Judah in tow. We will be staying in Nanchang until June 15th. All adoption paperwork must be completed in his home province.

On June 15th we will finish and wait for our last piece of paperwork, and pick up Judah's Passport, board a plane later that night, and head off to Beijing airport. We will be staying at a Hilton, in Beijing Airport. Our flight back home will be from Beijing 7:40am direct flight to Chicago arriving on June 16th at 7:40am. We have a very special friend meeting us in Chicago, where she will take us to freshen up and hopefully get something to eat. We still have a 5 hr drive to our home, so we may take a little breather....we'll just have to see how Ajay is at that point.

(Once aboard the USA airplane, from Beijing to Chicago, Judah will now officially be Ajay, and a US Citizen. )

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