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Thursday, June 2, 2011

We're here!  We arrived at approximately 1 am after a long bumpy flight, and long car ride to the village 2 hrs from Beijing. We settled into the guest house awaiting daylight to finally meet our new son. We rested a while and went to breakfast at the cafeteria here at New Day Foster home. We were greeted by several college students who are here during a missionary trip. They gave us the quick ins and outs on a breakfast foods, drinks, and surroundings. All were very weloming, and seemingly knew who we were before we introduced ourselves. We were famously A Jay's parents. I was honestly surprised how much people knew about us and a our new son. He is a hero here at New Day and a true miracle. They all have prayed for a family for so long, and the day has finally arrived. The staff were all so grateful to be a part of our journey.

After breakfast we were given A Jay's daily routine and we were asked to follow him and see how he reacts to us. We began with a team prayer including the main staff members from the foster home, doctors, nannies, students, etc. It lasted 35 minutes of sincere prayers for this special day. The day the Lord has made for Judah to begin his new life...the day so many people have prayed for for so long was here.

The, we walked to the playroom where A Jay was playing and looking at our photo. I entered first as he looked straight into my eyes. He looked down at the picture, then looked at me, then at Paul. It was amazing to see his face make the connection between what was just a photo and a real person. We sat on the floor and played. He started to sign "help" and l signed it back, actually helping him with his block puzzle. It was almost a sigh of relief from him, knowing that I knew what he was trying to say. We immediately connected. It was from that moment he continued to sign to me, interacted with all of his toys and just played as if I was there forever. I felt that  erie kind of familiarity in a way and there was never any awkwardness in his behavior. He quickly called out "mama" and used more sign language to communicate. He learned that I could sign too, which seemed to mark the beginning of our bonding. A Jay was calling me mama the rest of the day, holding my finger, rubbing my leg, and sitting in m lap. We read books, colored and sang finger plays, which I quickly learned he enjoys.
Soon it was lunch and rest time, and Paul and I left him for a quick bite, while he napped. When we returned, they were playing songs, and signing with hand movements to Old MacDonald. One of the nannies said that A Jay asked where his Baba and mama were. That was awesome to hear, that in only a matter of hours, he was looking for us. It warmed my heart.
I also learned today about his heart, meds, and all about the care he will need and has received. I spoke with both the in house nurse and doctor about his oxygen levels, foods, allergies, etc. It was a very informative day. An emotional day. A good day.
We are so lucky to have the care, love and tremendous concern for this child. I truly believe that he indeed is a living miracle that not only He has carried, but his family here at New Day has endured.


  1. Tears are streaming as I read this. I am so happy for Ajay & for all of you. God Bless you, and God Bless New Day.

  2. Oh Carrie....tears are flowing freely down my face as I read about your day spent with Ajay!! The God of Wonder has once again left me in complete awe!! I love watching His plan for Ajay and your family unfold before my eyes!!! Praying God continues to bless you, your family, Ajay, New Day and all that will be involved with the rest of you journey!!! And I can NOT wait to see what BIG and MIGHTY things God has in store for your little miracle boy!!