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Monday, June 27, 2011


We have a date! Ajay's surgery is scheduled for July 5th ( not sure of time yet ), and all pre-op testing will be done this Friday, July 1st. I was on the phone all day with doctors, nurses, family planners for hotel stays, registration personnel, etc. Lots and lots of schedules to accommodate :) All of the labs done previously have come back okay, but the surgeon wants to run his own tests.
 Its my understanding that part of Ajay's procedures are diagnosed as Tetralogy of Fallot
 (and several other heart defects on top). So, yes, its even more severe than we anticipated. However, we are doing the best we can to have only the best doctors see and treat Ajay. The doctor preforming the surgery is world renown. This doctor chooses his cases, and refers others...Ajay's case was chosen....because of the complexity. I was told that this procedure and the ones in the future could not be completed by any text book explanation or diagram, but solely on the skill, knowledge, experience and level of confidence of an astounding physician....lucky for little Ajay we have that doctor.
The procedure on the 5th will be "Pulmonary Artery Unifocalization" which is the first of the TOF procedure. You can read more via google if interested. Its very difficult to understand so I opted not to try to explain his procedure. Here is one helpful link for explanation
I will post news and events asap :) Please keep Ajay in your prayers!


  1. I have been thinking of Ajay so much. Thank you for your updates! I will be praying for him and your family.

  2. Thinking of & praying for Ajay & you today as the pre-op testing is being completed. So very thankful that he has access to a world-class doctor!

  3. I just found your blog, via another New Day AP, and was so glad I did. Your Ajay has held a special place in my heart since the day he arrived at New Day and we have been praying for him since. God has brought him through so much already, and he is truly a walking miracle child, so we trust He will see him through today, as well. Praying along with the others and can't wait to hear how everything goes in surgery today.

    It's clear God brought him to your family and supplied the perfect surgeon as his Doctor... I trust he is simply a vessel God is working through to help fix Ajay's delicate and precious heart.

    We're praying for you, too, Carrie... I can only imagine how hard it is seeing your baby go into surgery. Hang in there and know you are being prayed for and thought of today.

    God bless! <><

    ~Tanya Thom
    (mom to Khloe, adopted from New Day in May 2010)