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Monday, June 13, 2011

Safari Park June 12, 2011

Today was a free day and we decided to go see the Safari Park in Guangzhou. It was a very rainy day, with storms through the night and still very very humid. Ajay's leg looked about the same, but felt that the antibiotic needed time to work. If not better by Monday, I would take him back to see the physician.
The Safari Park here is just that. The humans are the cage and the animals run freely in their own habitat. There are safe guards such as wide trenched areas driven between the cars/buses and the animals. They keep their distances so the lions, tigers and bears (oh my) don't eat the people...the antelope, deer, chickens, etc run freely around people and look into cars. We were in a bus-like train with cable cars attached for traveling throughout the park. Many wonderful animals enjoying their habitat as if we had something to look at. See photos below.
After the Safari on train, we were able to see the rest of the park by foot. We walked through seeing the worlds first Koala twins. They were sheltered inside a large habitat of their own, eating and enjoying the high life. Ajay enjoyed seeing all of the animals especially the monkeys. He seems to really enjoy them! Signing "monkey" is really the enjoyable part for us :)
As said in the previous post, we left the zoo early and went home to soak his leg, apply meds, and rest for the remainder of the night. He never fussed over any pain, but was frustrated that his leg itched so badly. He did sleep the entire night, 11 hours with only one awakening at 1 am because he was wet. He signed for "mama" as Paul was changing him, and I rocked him to sleep in a matter of minutes. Precious precious boy...we are so lucky to be his parents. :)


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  1. Carrie your posts bring me to tears almost every day. I am so happy Ajay has a family and someone who loves him to rock him to sleep, and I'm so happy you, Paul & the boys are that family. Praying for quick healing of Ajay's leg and continued good health otherwise. God Bless!