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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday June 19th

We finally arrived home later Saturday night from the hospital. Ajay was thrilled to be out to see his brothers, as he continued to "sign" for them while at the hospital. He is doing much better. He is amazing me everyday with his strength. He is on oxygen now continuously, and hates the cannula as he was used to the full mask previously. The doctors all said that that was not an efficient way to give him oxygen, so I went with their word. He struggles with the nose version, as it does dry out the membranes much more and becomes irritating to him. He isn't used to it, so I have given him small breaks in between, which I cleared with the doctor.
 Ajay also loves being home! He sat right down and played with his brothers immediately as if he had never left. They of course have been so excited to be "big brother" to him which he loves all the attention. He has become quite attached to me, giving kisses and holding my hand countless times during the day. He is so cute when he puckers those little lips!!
His appetite was much better and is eating eggs, pancakes, yogurt, rice (my congee needs work but he ate it) and fried rice and noodles from our local Hong Kong native. It was Father's Day, and we sprung for Chinese. I have tried to keep his diet consistant with what he was used to in China, although Americans don't prepare food the same, at least he is somewhat familiar with the items he has tried. He doesn't eat much fruits but that was not surprising. He doesn't want to try it, so I can't complain.
He has small cold, but received IV antibiotics when at the hospital for a possible ear infection (both ears). They didn't feel he would get any pneumonia with the antibiotic, but I warned that he is very very prone to it based on notes from his foster home.
 Upon leaving the hospital, we were required to have an oxygen tank concentrator and several portable tanks in our home. So, we met the delivery man at 10pm Saturday night for the delivery. The respiratory therapist will be contacting me on Monday to arrange a visit asap so she can monitor Ajay closely. In the meantime, we are to schedule a Heart Catherization for Thursday this week. All tests performed on him over the last 2 days while admitted, were faxed to the surgeon at The University of Michigan for review and plan of care. We will be moving quickly for his first surgery. I will post dates when I know exactly the plan.
Until tomorrow...

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  1. Reading about that sweet little guy makes my day! Thanks for sharing so much.

    And there will be a day when he will like fruits... I just have know idea when it will be. I could hardly get him to even try fruit here, but sometimes he would snag a bite or two of apple by himself. Melon too, but only a nibble.