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Friday, June 10, 2011

Dragon Boat Celebration

While in Beijing, we were able to experience the prepartion of the Dragon Boat Festival. Ajay loved the buckets of water that helped soften the rice before it was cooked. He loved the water so much that we were able to give him his own water bucket to play in. He LOVED it :)
Qu Yuan

The Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. For thousands of years, the festival has been marked by eating zong zi (glutinous rice(糯米)wrapped to form a pyramid using bamboo or reed leaves) and racing dragon boats.

The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races, especially in the southern provinces where there are many rivers and lakes. This regatta(赛舟会)commemorates the death of Qu Yuan , an honest minister who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.

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