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Monday, June 27, 2011


I wanted to be sure I updated everyone on Ajay's last 2 days! We were admitted Thursday night to be under "observation" during the Heart Catheterization and home on Friday. While under extremem sedation, due to him fighting the meds typical children are given, he slept for a very long time in recovery. He awoke to asking for a drink and something to eat. He ate 2 bowls of Cherrios and 4oz of apple juice at 2 am. Then, went back to sleep until 730am, which he awoke to eggs, cereal, muffin, juice and milk. He ate most of the eggs and cereal and drank another 3-4 oz of apple juice. He was given Tylenol throughout for pain, and took it like a champ. He never seems to complain much. He is very easy going little boy. He playes so well with all of us, like he has been here for years! He likes puzzles, card games, and all of the boy toys...trucks, cars, trains, etc.
Once home, he was elated to see and play with his brothers. He signed brothers over and over again at the hospital even with his splinted IV covering his right arm. He insisted he see them, signing in a demanding way. Luckily, I took some photos on my phone to show him while at the hospital. We called his brothers at breakfast and that seemed to ease him some. He really wanted to go home. He signed "go" and "shoes" several times...the nurses were smitten by him. :)
He has been eating fairly well, steamed rice and veggies (which he seems not to be a fan of veggies at all), yogurt, milk, apple juice, potatos, eggs, and bread. He does like to drink water, but doesn't drink as much as he should. We have an area in our kitchen where we keep water so all the boys can drink regularly.We had cheese ravoli last night
and garlic bread which he seemed to enjoy. We just keep trying different things, along with his rice so that he gets some nutrition while he is adjusting. He can be demanding at times, and will push food away without trying. Although we all encourage him, you can't make a child eat or drink. He has been dehydrated the last 2x in the hospital, so I worry about him not drinking enough. He is on liquid supplements to help with nutrients and vitamins to keep him strong.
We are now awaiting further review from the surgeons in Michigan, to give us the plan of care. We should hear this week sometime. I will post when the plan and other test results are given.

Carrie Reimer
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