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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday June 9th

Well, today is Thursday, and we are on our last free day. Before leaving for Guangzhou on Friday evening, we hoped to see more of the surrounding shopping area. We were able to go to Wallmart and some small shops nearby, but it was a quick day as A Jay was not up for any kind of shopping. I'm not sure if he wasn't feeling good, or he just wasn't in the mood for shopping. We went to get a couple of snacks for the airport and travels for Friday. Again, he wasn't interested at all. So we hurried along and got a few things, stopped at the police station for notorization of paperwork and headed back to the hotel. He woke around 415am and asked for some yogurt, and I changed his diaper. I asked if he wanted to rest soem more, and he signed 'sleep' so i layed him on the bed next to me and he cried some. I picked him up and held him close. It was the first time his heart was beating next to mine. It was a fluttering motion really but was wonderful he felt close enough to me to let me in his world. It was another wonderful moment to i felt him drift off to sleep in the darkness of morning. He must have wanted some cuddling because he didnt want to let me go. He ended up sleeping til 815am, and headed for the door for breakfast. (As if he were late for an appt) We played all day, laughing, giggling, coloring, and doing puzzles. Ajay played and laughed like we are old friends....its another amazing day here in Nanchang :-)

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