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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 2...we had two meetings today and of course saw our baby A Jay right after breakfast, around 830am after morning prayer with the NewDay team. Our first meeting was with the nurse, who was able to help us purchase a portable oxygen tank to take on our travels within China as well as the USA. She was so helpful and gave such pertant information that will make our trip safer. She handed me a bag full of medicines that we can use if AJay comes down with a cold. She said that he gets a little runny nose could easily turn into pnemonia. She was so helpful!  Our last meeting was not really a scheduled meeting but a couple of hours spent with A Jay outside preparing for the special meal for the Dragon Boat Festival this weekend. I can't remember the name of the lunch item, but we spent the afternoon preparing them. It consisted of rice filled bamboo leaves wrapped in a boat like shaped leaf with a date inside. Its then soaked in water overnight and steamed or eaten cold. All of the preschool children prepared them. A Jay of course was more interested in diving through the water and mashing the rice, splashing around in the bucket and just having a good time messing around. He wanted no part of the actual meal celebrated on this special day. We enjoyed taking a ton of photos and playing in a plain bucket of water. It was soon lunch, then nap time, and we returned for our last visit with A Jay for the day. He was giggling and laughing with Paul, and the other children were in line for giggles too. I was able to help him with dinner, and started to say good night, and as I held him and kissed his cheek, he nodded his head no. He was saying no, he didn't want me to leave! I couldn't believe it! Paul knelt down and kissed his cheek and he started to cry and yell. We had to leave him, for it was the rules for now, but it was a bittersweet moment...he was attaching to us, but also was hard to leave him crying at the door.
I took a few hundred pic today, so I am going to try to post them here.

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  1. Carrie & Paul - your journey to AJay shows your complete devotion to God's plan. What a blessing to hear that AJay is already attaching to you. I pray for a safe trip to Nanchang as you begin the next steps of this amazing journey!