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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Easy day sitting in Beijing traffic, actually 7 hrs inclusively waiting patiently as we observe the maniac swerving in and out of cars, people, and motorbikes to eventually see the Great Wall. It was an amazing site with beautiful mountains and surrounding greenery up a steep path of brick steps. Mind you these steps were uneven, pitted and about 24 inches high. The land was hilly and the grade was easily going to kill our calves, knees, and thighs. But we endured was well worth the trip but we did venture to a tradional Chinese restaurant after the wall and experienced real Chinese quisine, of sweet and sour chicken and spice deep fried chicken and zucchini, veggies barely warmed and of course white rice. It was followed by a tour of a factory of many good Chinese fortune trinkets. With the intent to see A Jay after lunch, and with all the traffic I soon learned it was the Dragon Boat Festival this weekend which made the traffic worse. So we missed our little buddy until after his dinner. We walked in and A Jay was watching a movie, and when he saw me, he said mama. He reached his arms up for me to hold him and we watched a few minutes of his video. I was able to play with him for almost 2 hrs before his bath. The nanny bathed him and I thought I should exit soon, in case he cried, I didn't want the nannies to have to deal with him so upset. So, I blew him a kiss, and signed goodnight through the doorway. He motioned back the same. I told him I would see him soon, and left him for the night.

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