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Friday, June 10, 2011

We're in Guangzhou

We made it to Guangzhou!! AND Ajay mad it through like a champ! I should take lessons...our car died on the way to the airport, and it was storming, aside from the already existing anxiety to fly (which I don't do well at all) I was a nervous wreck! The car finally started, which it died right in the middle of the toll road...nothing around but desert by the way, and I thought we were doomed. I should have more faith like my new little man. He was calm, signining "car broke"....amazing what little things children bring to our lives when we least expect it.
Once in the airport, we went up to the ticket window, where our guide proceeded to tell the gentleman that we have an oxgen concentrator that we need for our baby AND that we needed to carry it on so it would not be broken in our checked luggage. Within minutes, we had everyones supervisor, and their supervisors supervisor...nothing short of the national guard to help "asst" with this tank. THe main boss, said that we would need medical approval from a doctor. So I pulled out trump card #1 from my bag, that stated from our heart surgeon, that he is "required to have oxygen on flight and in travel to the United States due to a severe medically fragile heart and defect." I had several copies, and gave him the most prestine one. Boy he was shocked that I had documentation stating this was a requirement. He then gave me a paper to sign stating that the airline would not be held responsible if something should go wrong while in fligt. Of course I signed...and although it was over in an hour, it seemed like an eternity. Then trouble was not only the tank, but the actual ability to explain the difference between a concentrator and an actual oxygen tank as a gas. Yes, challenging? You bet, and I was glad it was over. We proceeded to stand in line to go through security, and again we were surrounded by airplane officials. Yep, and a medical doctor!! She was there to listen to Ajay's heart!! I never even knew airports had medical staff at the switch of a button....well another lesson she listened and her face said it all. You could tell that she was really surprised that his heart was in the condition that it was/is in. She spoke to everyone around us, in Chinese of course, and then our guide said, "yes, she agreed he has a bad heart" and I said no kidding....oy vey!! I coulda told them that 2 hours ago and saved everyone the trouble. :)  All is well, and we got through security, boarded the plane and off we went.
Ajay did very well, as I stated before, I was a mess. I thought to myself, its in God's has been and will always be in His I took a Zantax ( anti anxiety for flying only ) like any good mama would do and prayed for safe travels for all of us. He kept signing "car" as if he were driving this plane. It was cute and he had no idea the amount of force that was about to hit him when taking off. Well, the force pulled him back into his seat and he just looked at me softly. I held his hand and got out his coloring book. He signed "no" and I started to read it. I just kept talking in hopes to distract him. I started to color and he started to loosen up a little. He was obviously scared and wasn't sure what to make of the airplanes turbulance ( there was a huge storm ). He coughed twice and that was it. They passed out drinks and bread, and he ate and drank like he was king of the airplane. He had his own seat, his own juice, and his own bread. What more could a little guy ask for???
We landed at 9pm and waited a short while in baggage claim, found our guide, and headed out for The Victory Hotel in Guangzhou. We arrived around 10 pm and I laid Ajay in his already made up crib, attached him to his oxygen, and he was asleep in minutes. It was the first time he didn't fuss or cry/moan alittle before bed. I'm sure it was exhaustion, but either way, he was content and safe.
We have 2 appts in the morning, his medical visa appt, TB test, and to get his picture taken for his Chinese Visa. It will be another packed day, but we will have about 4 hours in between to rest.
Thank you for all your prayers. I KNOW that the flight, the comfort and love is filling him up through all of the continuous prayers and concern from all of you reading this blog. Thank you for raising him up in prayers!

Carrie Reimer
Mary Kay Cosmetics

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