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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We have judah :-)

Hello everyone! We officially have Judah now officially Ajay :-)  He arrived approximately 930 am this Tuesday morning, scared, tired and a little sick. The nanny reported that he was on the train for 10 hrs, and didn't sleep but from 10pm - 5 am. He woke up and was upset to get off the train. He ate an egg and did end up getting sick. He came to our hotel room, ill looking and upset. I gave him his oxygen treatment and within an hour he was feeling much better. His color came back and he was back to himself. I offered him a yogurt, and he drank some, and gently placed it back on the table. He sat close to Paul and rubbed his leg. He looked to me and we played a little and colored a page in his new coloring book. His nanny brought along his favorite monkey....he signed for it and I was thinking, oh my....what are we going to do without a monkey! Then the nanny pulled it out of her bag, and I was never so happy to see that monkey in all my life! He laughed and we played with it for a little bit. He was so happy, to have something so familiar in such a strange place.
We rested for an hour so he could finish his treatment. He was ready to go! First we walked to the Civil affairs building where we met the orphanage director, and paid fees for entire adoption process for the week. We processed papers, passport, and made a visit to the police station to notorize papers, all in one afternoon! Ajay did wonderful, and slept in my lap during most of the meetings. When he was awake, he liked seeing all of the cars,  signing "beep beep and car" as we drove through the city. He seemed pleasantly amused by the sights, looking and babbling more than I ever heard him before. We had more yogurt at the hotel, and he took another rest in between appts. He slept right after his passport picture in the car ride back to the hotel a third time.

I was so happy he was able to say goodbye to the nanny who headed back to Beijing for another 10 hr trip. He hugged her,  but didnt cry as he held onto my sweater.  I shook and squeezed her hand as tears fell from both of our checks as if to say goodbye and thank you, at a time that didn't seem like the words 'thank you' was enough. It was definitely bittersweet day for her and the staff of the foster home.

He now sleeps soundly as I type this entry. We are very proud and feel very blessed to be his parents and just know that great things are ahead for this little boy...

(On a side note, yesterday was a free day, as we waited for Tuesday to come to finally be Ajay's parents. We ventured to Walmart on the Main Street of our hotel, taking in the culture of the Chinese people. The driving is insane, observing swerving cars, bikes, scooters with 3 people holding on....its China....the people are friendly, kind and are always anxious to help us...and I wouldn't want it to be any other way. This was our sons home. His birth place. Its where he was born. How could I view it in any other light...)


  1. Beautiful. God is merciful!

  2. God Bless Ajay, Carrie & Paul!

  3. Thrilled beyond words!!! Blessings to you all!

  4. Ajay - you are so blessed!