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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wednesday is another wonderful day!

Today was another free day, waiting for more papers to be processed, and getting to know the people of China as well as our new son A Jay :-)  A Jay slept last night from 830pm till 4 am, then asked for some yogurt. I gave him his yogurt and then back to sleep until 830am. He wanted breakfast right away, so we went right down to breakfast at the hotel. He seems to be feeling better and his cold symptoms are somewhat better. The cold meds provided by his foster home has been a lifesaver :-)  I let him pick the foods he wanted, curious to see what he would choose...and he picked corn on the cob, cherrios, and pork congee. I wasn't sure he would eat any of it, but actually ate the congee first, then the cherrios. He never did touch the corn,  but he did touch it a couple of times. He was quite funny and curious to try everything on my plate, eggs, banana bread, and apple juice were some of his favorites. Paul had a chicken nugget and hash brown potatoes (yes we are at breakfast) and he signed 'no' that he didn't want any. I had to laugh inside, thinking to myself, good choice. He ended up testing a whole piece of banana bread, his cherrios, and several spoonfuls of congee. He signed 'no' to milk and also to any fruit. We had a free day, so we rested and played in the room for most of the morning, until lunch. And like his regular schedule, he asked for lunch promptly at 1130. He signed to put his shoes on and we went to eat lunch again at the hotel. He chose this time, MY Chinese dumpling soup :-)  He ate 5 dumplings and I wasn't sure I had seen him eat that much since I met him :-)  He was the happiest little boy, and was very content with his soup.

After lunch he usually gets a nap, and rest time, according to his schedule at the foster home, which I have tried to follow for several reasons.  But today was different, A Jay was in charge....first dumplings and then he signed to go out. He signed 'shoes'  and went for the stroller, then the door as if he had an appt. It was a free day, and we didn't plan on any outings. We sort of were surprised, but thought maybe we could get some fresh air for a short while. So we found a small park nearby and we walked for about an hour, in the shaded areas. It was so humid and hot that I did t want him in the heat for long. He asked for a drink and we stopped for a drink. We tried some ice cream and he spit it out. I am finding he really doesnt care for sweets :-)  He was very content and just wanted his water. He asked to leave by signing 'car' so we left :-)  Sounds silly but we just followed his lead. We came back to the hotel, and we all took a nap. A Jay was just as content as ever. Almost unbelieveable, yes? He slept soundly but cried a little with his night time oxygen treatment. Not too much, but just the kind of cry that tells a mama that I'm tired...and sure enough he was asleep in minutes holding onto my finger.

Like I said, another wonderful day...

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  1. Lovely to read about an extraordinary little boy's ordinary day with his mom & dad. I can't quit smiling after reading this.