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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!

Today we celebrate the gift of life! Ajay is 4 yrs old today and we can hardly believe this last year. In retrospect, he has overcome more than any human being Ive ever met, and is still filled with laughter and smiles. He is one amazing boy who triumphs each and every day being himself without any misconceptions. He is our little boy!
We have a celebration planned with family on Sunday doing what Ajay likes best, (aside from Angry Birds) playing skee ball  and bowling at a local pizza and  bowling/gaming center with Thomas the Train decor! We are hoping his day is filled with joy and feels the love we have for him on this special day!
Its been a quite the challenge being home with Ajay, now 3 weeks. Hes had some problems with medications, feeding, ,vomiting and the like. He has been to all his specialists and they have said that his heart and lungs are worse. He is on increased doses and more maintenance medications to keep his heart and lungs operating "normally".  Its scary to think that his time with us is more limited, but we are also aware that only God knows....and His timing is always perfect. We are devestated to know that Ajay isn't getting better, but also happy that we are together as a family (vs the hospital) for as long as Ajay has with us. His condition and medical problems won't go away but we can still live, love him and create memories along the way.
He won't be going to preschool this year because of infection risks, but home school is definitely in his future. PT, OT, ST will be coming to our home, to help facilitate his strength and improve his skills. His decline since arriving home was sudden but giving him the benefit of the doubt, he can do it! He tries so hard, and with feeding weight issues, water weight, and little growth, Ajay has found it hard to move around as much, and lays down most of the day. I am hopeful this too shall pass and we will be able to see Ajay slowly improve his motor skills with work and guidance. His brothers are his biggest cheerleaders and motivators.
Please pray for continued peace and strength for Ajay.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ajay.
    Praying for peace and strength for your whole family.

  2. Happy Birthday!! laughs and giggles and smiles and hugs and kisses and LOVE..

  3. Happy birthday, a bit late! He remains in my prayers -- strength and blessing and much joy to your entire family!