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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 11, 2012 - Surgery day

We were on schedule for Ajay's open heart surgery to actually be a
reality. After 3 cancellations and minor illnesses over the last 6
months, we are finally here! Ajay was waiting patiently for this day
as we all held our breaths to make this a success for him.

I was nervous to see him go down that long hallway in his little red
wagon, only to find my little boy turn around and smile gently, and
wave. He reassurance amazed me as I explained it was time for him to
have his heart fixed. He nodded as if he totally understood...then got
into the wagon. Its truly amazing how children react to things, and
sometimes I wonder if we instill that panic. I was calm and so was he.
He never cried and waved to everyone as he was driven off in his wagon
for the operating room.

The surgery start to finish was about 6 hrs. going in at 730am, and in
recovery at 145pm. He was prepped by nurses, attached to his many
medications, and was resting by 330pm when we were allowed to see him
at bedside in ICU.

We were greeted like celebrities and were amazed at how many people
remembered Ajay, saying how much they missed him and what a wonderous
miracle it was to have him with us. They kept reminding me how very
sick he was on our last visit, thus making it apparent that he was
doing much better this time around. It was very comforting to know
that these professionals had taken to heart how much he had been
through last time.

We don't know the outcome of the surgery yet, but these next few days
will be the tell tale...we continue to believe that Ajay will push
through the rehab struggles ahead and we will be right by his side to
make it as easy as possible.

That being said, the surgeon was very pleased with the procedure, but
as his disclaimer, said we will have to wait and see. He was much more
confident this time vs last and it was reassuring to see his smile
when he was speaking about Ajay.

Ajay is resting peacefully. Thank God.

More tomorrow,

PS I don't have cell service in the ICU and have to go outside and
down 10 floors, so those who are txt, please be patient with
responses!!! :)


  1. So thankful that the surgery was completed and that Ajay is resting peacefully. Hopefully, you will also be able to get some rest. I'm sure this is a very trying time, but your post made me to smile to read about everyone at the hospital who remembered Ajay from his last stay there. He is an unforgettable little guy. Praying with & for you all....Love, Jenn

  2. I have been praying for your little guy these past few weeks and will continue to do so. Waiting on good news - he is such a miracle! Thank you for updating us all!