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Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19th a set back

I was here with Ajay as he was resting and noticed about noon today that he was becoming discolored, looked much more blue and puffy. I said to the nurse that I felt he was "different" looking. His O2 was in a good range, his vent settings were good and they even started his feeds. When I alerted the nurse she saw what I saw, and called the doctor over to take a look. He agreed that it could be a possible blood clot at the svc, which was sutured during his latest surgery. He was presenting with only some of the classic svc symptoms, and still remained in good standings on blood draws and cardiac output. The doctor ordered an US and it wasn't able to detect any blockage. The medical team felt that they would not be comfortable with another open heart surgery, and felt we could treat it like a clot with medication. So, now we wait to see if his symptoms will improve overnight. ( decrease in swelling on right side and less blue)

The svc is so thin and already sutured, and repaired as best as they could and so very fragile, that they do not want to go back in too soon.  They feel that the artery could blow if manipulated anymore at this point. (Risks would be high for bleeding out, and inability to repair.)

I am not sure what tomorrow will bring, but today was a hard day. Ajay  struggled too much. We had to stop feeds, increase meds, and start new meds for possible clot.

I hope and pray we have a peaceful night. I will update tomorrow.....


  1. Praying for the swelling to go down and for Ajay to be less blue...for miraculous healing!!!!! I am praying for supernatural strength for you all. And I am praying for the doctors/nurses to have God's wisdom as they care for sweet Ajay.

  2. I check in often to see how cutie patootie Ajay is doing. I can't wait for him to be home and doing well. Praying. xo

  3. Carrie, I worked at ND for a year. I remember us asking the Healer to provide with for a remarkable forever family and HE did. I check your blog all the time because I love your little boy and desperately want to see him healed and home in his bed. Recently our God gave me a song for Ajay. I don't know if you are familiar with Natalie Grant's song Your Great Name but the bridge has become my prayer for Ajay. Redeemer, his Healer, Lord Almighty. His saviour, Defender, You are his King!