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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Update wed April 18th after midnight

Technically its Thursday, but feels to me like Wednesday, just arriving at my hotel after spending a very long day with Ajay. He's wasn't doing so well Tuesday, and had relearned today that he has lost his entire left lung function due to the failed procedure last week. Enduring 3 open heart surgeries in 6 days, it amazes me, although cautiously optimistic, that he is strong and able to now be weaning down from vent settings. I watched him all day sleep, wake to only wave at me, give me a thumbs up and to fall into a deep sleep again. No complaints or unusual occurrences.

One minor bump, if you all remember, last summer, he had a stint place ed in his SVC ( super vena cava) ? Well, it was found early am today that it was twisted, or had been mangled during one of his surgeries recently, through an echo test. It showed he had limited blood flow through that vessel but was making its way to the other side of his body to compensate. (Ajay has one on each side of his heart, where typically people have only one svc, he has two. Having two ,the doc said, probably saved his life because the blood had somewhere to go) After pondering over an hour, all the doctors decided that it was best to let Ajay rest, since it was not causing him harm, irregular heart rhythms, etc. The blood has found another route to pass through for now, the second svc on left side of his neck, but we may have to have that stint reinserted in the catch lab at a later time. His blood pressure has been stable all day, oxygen levels stable, and all blood gases were also stable, indicating the choice to hold the catheter procedure prooved to be the correct decision for now.

All in all Ajay has yet again amazed the medical team here, and everyone has done an amazing job treating Ajay for his needs and even with his crazy anatomy, they continue looking at the patient vs just treating the condition or symptoms blindly.

I hesitated to write earlier because i needed to somehow be reassured he was going to be okay. He is doing exceptionally well, but is not out of the woods. I am confident though that he is definitely fighting a fight like never before :-)


  1. My heart is smiling too. And we will not stop praying for your little fighter! God will fight for him and for you!!!!!