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Friday, July 22, 2011


Its 220pm on Friday and the surgeon just came to tell me that Ajay definitely had a very large clot on top of is lung. He removed it and Ajays lung inflated and his oxygen levels jumped to 80%!!!! His levels were never that high even with oxygen, EVER!!!!

He will begin to let him rest, and start to ween off the vent immediately, but keep his pressures low for him slowly begin breathing on his own. We are definitely on our way to recovery!!! Let the healing begin!!!

Through this hurdle, I realized that his heart was not an issue ( directly. )The doctors have never once been overly concerned with his heart or recovery. His heart repair has been excepted and his body tried to heal...He was here for open heart surgery, and ended up with a lung condition as a result of his surgery. His heart keeps pumping through it all....its amazing how Ajay has yet overcome another hurdle.

Breathe everyone a sigh of relief!!!!! Praise the Lord for watching over Ajay!!!

I will post later on his progress and recovery tonight. He was just brought back to his room, so I should be able to see him very soon.

Thank you for all the prayers!!!!


  1. HOORAY! What fabulous news! Thank you for updating. Now he's cleared to really heal! Go, Ajay, go!

  2. Oh Carrie ~ PRAISE THE LORD!!! I can barely type through the fog of my tears! What an awesome God we serve!! As soon as I read your previous post about his lungs, I stopped immediately to pray for your little man. Prayed for wisdom for the doctors, that they would find the source of his lung problems and that they would have an answer soon. Oh Praise God that He led the way and that Ajay is on the road to recovery! I LOVE hearing about how his heart has been doing good trying to heal, all along. PTL for good oxygen levels, too! Oh the testimony your precious boy has to share one day!! To God be all GLORY!! <><

    (((BIG HUGS!)))


  3. This is great news! We will keep praying.

  4. What wonderful news! SO happy to hear that he can now start healing!!!!