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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update sat July 16th

The last 24 hrs have been quite trying...stats flying into the high 186  range for heart rate, and lows of 40. The nurses struggled throughout the night to keep him stable with a variety of meds and IV fluids. It seems as though the magic combination of fluids, meds, pressure, heart rates, blood gases, etc are yet to be found.

Over the last 2 hrs, however, Ajay has maintained all levels and even started to improve ever so slightly by. 6 reaching 36 for blood gases and has raised his oxygen to high 60's low 70's. Vent was decreased to 55 which was operating at 100% just 24 hrs ago. This is a first! Small gains but he is moving in the right direction. The doctors keep saying to move at his pace. I'm glad they finally figured that out, that Ajay is not a typical kid. Therefore his numbers aren't going to be so typical. Low gases, O2 levels, etc are what he as lived with his whole life! They are finally realizing what is normal for him and what he tolerates best. I was happy. The doctors agreed not to push him, and when he is healed he will be ready to move forward.

Although it appears gains have been made, stability is key. These numbers can fluctuate soooo much, I was hesitant to post the readings. So take today with a grain of salt and a small victory to be recognized.

He is eating from a feeding tube and tolerated it nicely, with good bowel sounds. This is a good sign that he will be waking up inside organs to start functioning again. Another small gain. :-)

For my special friend in China....its a "no blood day!!!"  (Ajay didn't need any transfusions today!!!!  My special friend was praying for this last night)

Until tomorrow....

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  1. Praying and praying and praying some more, Carrie! Praying specifically for those organs to continue to wake up nicely, for the vent to be less and less necessary, for continued healing for Ajay's lung and his heart...
    Grace and peace and strength and mercy by the bucketful to you all,
    Laine Ferrill