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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update July 27th

Well, I headed to Ajays room today and as I rounded the corner, I saw little brown eyes peering out :-)  Ajay had his eyes partially open and was somewhat aware that I had walked in. I was amazed that he was still and yet not thrashing about his bed. WHAT A WONDERFUL START TO MY DAY!!! He is still sedated but for the first time peeked through at sounds coming in from the surrounding areas. He quickly closed his eyes and has remained quiet all day.

There is still no progress on his lung but I can honestly say that seeing his eyes for a brief second made this mamas heart very happy. Its been 2 weeks and 2 days since admission, with 2 prior admissions with all the testing we had prior to surgery. We have only been in the USA a short 4 weeks and to see him this morning was the best ever.

Tomorrow we are scheduled for another CT scan to examine his lung and chest cavity to make sure there isnt any clotting hiding or hanging around his lung. And Friday,he will have another bronchoscope of his lung depending on the CT results. Since yesterday, they have increased and changed his meds for his lungs and added steriods. We are not only treating the lung that has collasped but the Malaysia and hopefully to strengthening the bronchi and airway.

Thank you again for all the prayers, gifts, emails, txt and letters of compassion and concern for our Ajay and family.

PS to everyone who has apologized for calling AJay, "Judah", its really okay because that is his middle name! No worries :-)

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  1. Reading that made a JieJie's heart happy this morning too. I love those deep, brown, expressive little eyes. Praying for complete healing, little PS