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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tests results Thursday July 14, 2011

There is good and bad news today...the good news is his lung is just severely bruised and limited amount of drainage was present. So, he will need time to heal. On a not so good note, they found that he has Bronchial Trachial Malaysia, which is a softening of the airway. The doctors were not giving us too many options at this point except to let him rest. We do know that there are options from meds to a trach, as well as keeping him sedated can be hurting his other organs being in a sleep state for long periods of time, giving us fewer options to maintain his nutrition. If his organs are "sleeping" then there is greater risk for organs to take longer to respond and heal.

It appears that one thing relies on the other to function....we need his lung to get stronger, to be able to handle breathing on his own through a spongy airway, and it be able to handle eating after his stomach and intestines have been sleeping. Seems like a big circle. At this point, if the machines are breathing for him, to keep him alive, it limits his ability to use his airway independantly and he isnt able to compensate like he has for the last 2 yrs, keeping that airway strong. Its worked for him this long!

Hopefully we will be able to understand more tomorrow...I hope this makes sence. Any medical friends have any insight I would welcome any thoughts or opinions.

Thank you for all comments and prayers! I am not able to respond to your comments because I can't figure it out, so please bare with me :-)  I appreciate you!


  1. Thanks for the update, Carrie. We have been praying fervently for Ajay and will continue to lift him up before the Throne of Grace. I trust that even in the seemingly endless circle, God will see him through. We have been praying specifically for his lungs, and now we know to pray for his airway. I love to have specifics when I pray... even though God is already well aware of the details!

    Hang in there and keep the faith. Your strength in all of this amazes me. May God richly bless you and hold each of you close during this time.

    Blessings & Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  2. Echoing Tanya's comment, Carrie...we are all praying endlessly for Ajay and your entire family. Praying specifically that he will be able to come off that vent and all his organs can begin working independently again...and for a healed airway!
    May God's peace wash over Ajay and all of your hearts each moment of this recovery.
    Lifting you up in AL

  3. We will be praying for sweet Ajay. He has overcome so much already. Praying for God to continue to work His miracles through Ajay's life.

  4. first and foremost we are praying for ajay...bless his sweet heart....i am (addison) emma lael's mom and we held and loved on ajay when we were at ND back in september mom loved him so very much....she sat with him for hours rocking him....he would smile with his BIG beautiful smile and my mom's heart would melt, she'd say.
    i am a neonatal open heart nurse and have been for 27 years....everything your saying i have seen multiple times and i can tell you children have the will to live beyond anything i have ever seen....ajay is a fighter i remember watching him when he was getting his breathing treatment at ND he was a FIGHTER i could see it in daughter natalie who is 15 said "mom why is he so blue" i explained to her about his heart defects and said that little buy is a FIGHTER he is going to be fine...maybe it is my years of caring and loving on heart babies in my nursing career i could see it in ajay's eyes his will to live....i pray y'all are feeling God's peace during this difficult time....ajay is in good hands the hands of Our Loving prayers to all the nurses and doctors who care for ajay during his hospital stay.