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Monday, July 18, 2011

Update Monday July 18th

I entered the room today and saw Ajay under cool towels, only to
imagine that he couldn't possibly have a fever, could he??? Well in
fact he did, 102 throughout the night. Quite confusing for the doctors
as he doesn't have any infections. At least not now, as every culture
has come back negitive. They have taken 2 and they are tested for a
series of bacteria. Nothing. Nothing has shown up in 48hrs. He had a
low grade yesterday of only 100 and didn't think much of it. They all
classified that as "normal" and disrigarded any insight about
infection in any of his lines. Any site is a probable cause, but yet
no alarms went off. Well, again this am when I appeared and saw the
cool towels on his body, I was alarmed. Again, they are still not sure
why he has a fever, but since it spiked to 102 they did start a
different more broad antibiotic. (He has been on antibiotics since
surgery but this one was specific for bacteria)

NO news is good news as they say, so I am hopeful that he will just
beat the heat on this one. They are managing with typical tylenol.

All stats are continuing to drastically change with any movement onto
his right side, the effected lung. Chest x-rays are unchanged and
results of the damage and bruising are not responding to respiratory
treatments. Everyone is saying that it takes time to heal. In the
meantime, little Ajay continues to be on the ventillator, and has to
be suctioned several times an hour to remove course secretions from
both lobes. The doctors are adamant that the fluid build up is common
with this type of heart/lung surgery.

Stats continue to be monitored closely as they fluctuate regularly. No
change here.

Until tomorrow...



  1. I'm sure the updates are a bit tough to post, but know we are so appreciative and they help us to know how to pray and for what specifics. We are praying daily for your precious Ajay. Hang in there Carrie and family and know that you are being held up in prayer, too! Sending BIG HUGS your way.


  2. The Lord has been putting Ajay on my heart since I saw the post about him on ND the other day....I finally found your blog! I am also a mama to a heart baby from China. Praying hard from Oregon!

  3. I am praying for Ajay and your family.


  4. Praying in Texas. I've followed Ajay on the New Day blog since he was a baby, and am so thrilled to find your blog so I can continue to pray through his surgeries! Hoping no news is good news...