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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Update July 28th

Ajay had the CT scan today which revealed another mass on the SVC (subclavian artery) compressing it and making it more difficult for blood to pass through adaquately. As before with the large blood clot on his lung, they are unsure if its fluid or blood. We are scheduled for another bronchoscope Friday at 130pm, in which they will be able to take pictures and see up close the mass and what its made of. Its positioned near the aorta so the pulmonary team feels confident they will be able to tell us what this is. The test will also help remove mucous plugs in his lungs, tell us about his airway and possible improvements with steriod use, and be able to also tell us the condition of his airway (bronchial and trachial malasia).

I will be able to explain more tomorrow after the diagnosis has been made. At the initial test results were discussed, the doctor said he was pretty sure they wouldn't do surgery, and judging by the size, he felt it may be something that could be reabsorbed.

I will be sure to update the blog upon the findings of the test tomorrow.


  1. Praying praying praying for you all...we know He hears our cries for Ajay's healing! We are praying for all these specific details and thank you for updating...I know it's tough to find the time or the words!
    Mercy, grace, and peace by the bucketfuls...

  2. Thinking of you & praying for Ajay. Thank you for keeping us updated through the blog.