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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Surgery update July 13, 2011

First I want to say that my husband and I are overwhelmed by all the prayers and notes of encouragement from both our US and China friends.

Our day began yesterday at 6am, checked in and they took us back to pre-op room for sedation, vitals, etc. They took Ajay back promptly at 730am. The procedure was sketchy in. Y mind but our surgeon, Dr. Above, had everything ready to go. Although risky and complex, he tried to assure us of the many possible outcomes of which were truthful yet hard to comprehend. We never thought we could lose him,  but knew it was reality.

The surgeon proceeded to explain the procedure...they were going to work on his right side first, making a partial pulmonary artery from the many collateral, measuring less then 2mm, but removing some and creating 2 gortex conduits to carry blood from his lungs to his heart. He said its like taking angel hair pasta and turning it into lingiuini.

In this process, we learned that he would need to be put on a heart lung bypass machine, that would breathe for him and keep blood stable through out his body. He felt that Ajay would not be able to sustain himself unless he did this.

He was going to make an incision on his left side, verses through his chest because of the placement of the collateral in his body. ( he couldn't reach the collateral, or vessels in the from because of the defect, everything was located in a different location) Also, the bypass machine in Ajay,'s case could not be utilized in any other way, then by entering his right side.

In doing so, the right lung had to be manipulated, moved and tossed around a bit throughout the morning, to be able to complete the procedure. Ajay's collaterals were positioned everywhere throughout his right lung, anteriorly, but more so posteriorly.

From start to finish, the entire procedure was about 6 hrs. He continued to be on the bypass and ventillater throughout the rest of the night.

Knowing how his lung was manipulated, it made sense why his lung has now collapsed. The nurse said it was from the work to create the pulmonary artery on the right side of his lung and heart, but nonetheless it is somewhat dangerous.

Today, Wednesday, I am told that AJay has fought them all night. He is not liking the meds to keep him calm and even had to restrain his arms from pulling at the equipment, IV and other tubes. He had lost a lot of blood and is having difficulty breathing in a normal rhythm, which effects his blood gases, pulse oxygen levels, respiration, etc. Meds are given continuously to help keep all acids and bases stable as well as heart and lung functions and of course keep him calm to heal.

We are grateful for the work our surgical team has done, and Ajay is alive. But we have a ways to go. We are not out of the woods yet.

Ajay is a fighter and all of you reading this already know he has overcome so much in his life at such a young age. We know that this is going to be a struggle for him but we also know that he will continue to heal in his time. He is fighting drugs that would keep adults in a coma for weeks, so that tells me he will continue to be fighting for his life. He refuses to let the vent breathe for him. He refuses to lie still He refuses to give up! I love him for that strength and courage and think that he is here to teach us all something more...

Many have asked specifically what to pray for, and felt that prayers would be needed in all areas, but thought that knowing the physical state may help everyone see how Ajay's condition right now is very unstable. I hope I was able to provide you with a better picture of what Ajay needs right now.

As of 10am today, we were told that since his lung has not yet recovered, he will continue to be on the vent and bypass machine and will also continue to receive red blood cells and platelets to keep him strong, and to help him replace the blood volume lost.

Today we will watch over our little boy sleep and continue to pray for Him to heal his heart.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this update on little Ajay...we are praying praying praying. And yes, his fighting spirit will go a long way in his recovery! Praying that lung will heal quickly and that all those many medicines will do what they need to do to bring his numbers stable. God's hand is on little Ajay and He will never let go!
    Prayers from another heart mom from New Day in Alabama

  2. Prayers for healing for Ajay; prayers for comfort and peace for you; and prayers of wisdom for the doctors and nurses.

  3. i met your sweet little boy when we were at new day last year....what a special little boy...we adopted (addison) now emma lael who has the same heart defect ajay has...she's had two open heart surgeries will have her 3rd soon....i am also a neonatal open heart nurse and i have seen more than one child fight to live and it sounds like ajay is a FIGHTER...keep fighting sweet have a army of prayer warriors praying for you....we will be lifting ajay and your entire family up in our prayers.

    andrea sisler

  4. I was at New Day the day he arrived. I was with a group visiting there. My group was given the opportunity to give him his New Day name. Our group has been praying for him since that day in June 2009. I also know of many others who were with me at ND who have prayed for him too. My daughters have kept his pictures in their room. We have prayed for him daily. During the time I visited ND we had our referral for our son from China. We brought him home in Oct. 2009. The day we found out Judah had a family and his name would be Ajay we celebrated at our home. We truly are praying for Ajay and your family during this time. Thank you sooo much for keeping us posted.

  5. Oh Carrie ~ I can't even begin to imagine the heaviness your heart must be feeling for your son right now. But I love your faith and trust in the Great Physician and know that He is working through the surgeons and caregivers He has placed in your life for Ajay, for such a time as this. We have continued to pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses caring for him, as well as for peace and comfort for your family. We are believing for DIVINE healing and another praise report to see your precious boy through this time. He has held a special place in my heart since the day he arrived at New Day and I am honored to still have the privilege of praying for him now that he is home. Praying for God's hedge of protection over Ajay and his little body, and know that God has made His angels charge over him. Thank you for keeping us posted and know you are being held close in thought as prayers by so many! We love and care for you all!

    Blessings and Hugs,
    ~ Tanya Thom
    (adopted Khloe from NewDay in May of 2010)

  6. Desde España (from Spain) todo nuestro apoyo!!

  7. Carrie-
    I am Mike's friend, Kelly. My son, Joseph, had a fontan in Nov 09. I am fervently praying for your son. God gives these heart kids a fighting spirit and He gives them a will to live. Please know I am here for you to chat if needed. Mike has my number--until then you are prayed for and prayed for!!
    Kelly Rumbaugh