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Friday, July 22, 2011

Update Friday July 21, 2011

Ajay had an okay 24 hrs. His stats continue to fluctuate but appeared more stable at times. His fever continued for quite sometime, but was controlled by tylenol, no cultures were reported positive, so no real reason for the fever. The doctors keep reporting that is normal for the surgery he had.

The problem with all of this Ajay isn't getting better. He has been on the vent for 12 days without the ability to ween him off due to this lung issue. We had a CT scan, chest ray, ultrasound, blood gases,  etc. and found that the right lung was obviously still collapsed, but there were 2 options...if the fluid was in fact just fluid, they could tap the area and get it out.   The second option was if they felt it was a large blood clot they would have to do surgery. They did find one interesting piece of information, from all the tests and second bronchoscope, and that was the mass is outside the lung, but encapsulated on top of the lung, hence compressing it. After a long night, of prayers and deliberation, the nurse phoned me at 730am, and said the surgeon is going to operate on Ajay today at noon to remove the "mass" that has been lurking on his lung. This is good and bad news, as yes, he will be able to remove this mass and be on his way to recovery. The bad news is we are starting completely over with the healing and recovery process.

I am hopeful and confident that our surgeon is going to make the right choices today and Ajay will be on his way once again.

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