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Friday, August 12, 2011

Update Aug 12

Ajay had a day filled with dramatic highs and lows, of various stats dipping and racing, yet still with the ability to be able to continue weaning from vent, in the hopes to extubating Saturday morning. Yes! This is the third attempt, so we NEED him to succeed! If he fails, he will be reintubated and we will need to discuss further trach and vent dependant options for him. Although we visited these types of scenerios 10 days ago, we had hoped and prayed it wouldn't come down to this.

With the last 4 sprints, he failed the first, tolerated the next two but failed, and barely passed the 4th. So, that being said, we still have hope that Ajay will continue to make small gains and move out of this vent stage soon. Early this evening, he sprinted for 2 hrs vs the standard one hr, and did much better. His lung has shown improvement since the diaphragm surgery on Wednesday. His upper right lobe is still surrounded by air, but is much better according to the xray.

The plan is to extubate Saturday around 10-11am. If he fails, we will keep him comfortable until our regular team can meet on Monday. ( weekends have a new team of docs) We will have to revisit and talk about a trach and vent dependency options. If he succeeds, then we work on keeping him off the vent with regular respiratory treatments and lung conditioning, and work on strength, chest tube drainage, g-tube, etc. We still will have a few more weeks here for rehab and various treatment plans.

I will update tomorrow asap :-)

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