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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update Aug 8th

The plan was to take Ajay off the vent today, and with success Ajay did it :-)  we had some scary moments, low stats, gas levels, etc but he pulled through at 1130am today. He was really happy to be off the vent, although he couldn't speak, he appeared relieved of the discomfort of the tube. Stats varied throughout the day, with extreme lows and mediocre levels.He slept most of the day with only oxygen asst. He always seems at peace even when the tests reveal distress.

He went through the night still without the vent, until this am when at 7am we received a call that Ajay was in too much distress and they intubated him. THe vent is back...his levels are higher and is fully supported once again.

We learned late yesterday, that his diaphragm is partially paralyzed due to prolonged vent use, possible nerve damage from his open heart surgery, and inactivity of right lung. We were devestated. We thought we were on the road to recovery, as Ajay was in fact breathing on his own. The doctors were going to discuss possibilities of surgery to tac up the diaphragm asap. They needed to get in contact with our surgeon and weigh in with him. We will do what he surgeon recommends. Ajay needs his diaphragm to help with his inhalation, and when its paralyzed, the diaphragm remains in the same position, not allowing sufficient airflow into he lungs. It was also discussed that his life would be lessened if we decided against surgery, as well as the constant struggle to breathe.

It was decided late afternoon today, that we would go ahead with surgery. Wednesday, Ajay will have his diaphragm tacked down, enabling him to use more air into his lungs sufficiently. We are not sure of the time, but surgery will be performed by our heart surgeon.

Please, continue to pray for Ajay  :-)


  1. we pray for him every day so he is covered when you are sleeping We miss and love this little guy give him a hug from us

  2. Praying praying praying....
    God has never once left Ajay's side, that is so evident! He will be RIGHT THERE during this surgery--

    Praying continued wisdom for Ajay's doctors, peace and grace overflowing for mama and baba, and strength and healing for sweet Ajay.

    His Word brings power!!!!!! I am praying His Word over Ajay!