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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Update july 7th

Ajay has continued to get better over the last few days, with minimal improvements on the xrays of of his right lung. Ajay continues to defy the norm, and is able to make improvements in all other areas. The doctors have given him another week, and as God has provided, he has again beaten the odds with improved blood gases, less sedation required to keep him comfortable, increased interactions with all of us, and his ability to communicate his needs through sign language. He has all of the nurses at his beckon call and all are smitten! He had his arte line removed, and his chest tubes removed early this morning! Everything is improving with the ever so slowly to heal right lung. The doctors are more confident then ever to start "sprints" and wean further on the vent pressures and asst. Ajay completed his first sprint yesterday for one hr and tolerated it very well. (Sprints are when they lower the dependency of the vent with barely asst at all) He has passed each sprint attempt yesterday and continues to surprises all of the doctors. He is sleeping more regularly and is doing better with day and night times of sleeping patterns.

If all goes well, the doctors are going to try to take him off the vent in a day or two!!!!
They feel that Ajays lungs were most likely born with lung disease, and were damaged since birth, having the large clot on his lung (removed) as well as 3 surgeries in 12 days made healing of his lung last on the list for healing.

I believe once his vent is removed and is off all support, and he is able to sustain himself for 6 or more hours without dropping in stats, he will be able to move to moderate care or the general population floor. :-)  That is this weeks goals!!!


  1. Carrie & Paul,
    I am so pleased with this post! I have been watching, day & night, for a new post. Thank you, Lord, for your goodness. Everything good comes you, God.
    This news is such an amazing answer to so many fervent prayers. We asked for a miracle and we're getting it.
    Carrie, you know I can't wait to meet this new friend. I can't believe how your life has changed since I met you ... what blessings you've welcomed into your home, your heart, and your life. You are an amazing mother, and I love you!
    Your friend always!

  2. Thank you God for hearing & answering our prayers!

  3. Thank you God for more good news and continued HOPE! Oh thank you God for Ajay's sweet life...and doctors...and a forever mommy and daddy...and bucketfuls of mercy and grace!

    We won't stop praying!