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Sunday, August 28, 2011

update aug 28th

Ajay is doing better and no longer on CPAP since Aug 25th and only on high flow O2 at 7 liters. Stats are in the high 70's low 80's. All IV's are out as well :) he's like a typical toddler now with more stubborn attitude and vigor! The next step will be to try food soon and wean tube feedings to more of a pediasure like formula. He's been on a special formula for certain proteins  called "portigen" (sp?) So hopefully the transition and his tummy adjusts to the new formula. I believe that he is still having some withdrawals because of intermittent vomitting and sweating. He has been on so many drugs over the last 2 months that it wouldn't surprise me in the least. He had a rough day today with vomitting and just plain stubborn. fidgety, etc. and no way to make him happy. He calmed some later in the morning, then back again to being upset and uncomfortable.
If all goes well with the xrays in the upcoming mornings, and the lung sounds are better and less diminished, we are projecting to be discharged from ICU and into moderate care by the end of the week.
Ajay has been sitting up more in his chair, and does participate with PT a couple times a week. I worked with him this weekend playing with bubbles, books and simple games in bed. He still tires easily but does seem to have fun with the nurses. They are always bringing us gifts and checking in with us, even on their days off. He's got them all under his finger!
Thanks again for all the notes and comments of encouragement, and most of all prayers from around the world!


  1. Thank you for keeping us posted, Carrie! It's great to hear that Ajay is making progress and beginning to be more like a toddler again. Praying his stomach adjusts so that he can be weaned off the tube... and that you will be discharged from ICU by the end of the week as projected!! Know you are always close in thought and prayer! <><

    Blessings & Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  2. It is so good to keep hearing good news of progress! We will keep on praying and praying as he makes so many transitions and big strides in recovery!