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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update Aug. 2nd

The meeting today regarding Ajay's quality of life, the vent and other complications went very well. Since yesterday, his stats have improved and a slight improvement to his right lung. It actually inflated a small tiny bit!!!  All the doctors were amazed! The doctors (16 or so present during the meeting) were very very optimistic that he would NOT be vent dependant in his future. They felt secure that the aggressive treatment to the lung over the next week would surely provide him the best chance at getting off the vent, and NOTHING about a trach was mentioned. I was so scared on Friday night with such devestating news and despair. I was not ready to make any decisions about wether we could provide Ajay with a good quality of life on a vent for ever. SOOO that being said, we now have HOPE!! They are going to aggressively treat him this week and hope to take the vent off within a week. Yes, next week they are going to take him off and see how he does! They said he has lived with severe malacia his whole life, that isn't going to change, but we need to focus on his right lung. I was shocked and amazed to see the thrill in the doctors eyes and to see thier sudden change in attitude and optimism. I prayed and prayed and asked God to just give us hope....and so he did. Ajay is by far out of the woods, but we were given hope today, and I will take it! Ajay is taking very tiny steps in the right direction!!! Thank You God!! 


  1. Halleluia!!!! Praise the Lord for He is good, ALL the time!!!
    I have been praying so hard for a miracle. I know God has the power and I am just praying so hard that He show that power through Ajay! I have lifted my hands unto Him, I have held Ajay (mentally) in those hands and lifted him to the Lord Our God, and asked so humbly that God would restore him.
    Praise the Lord for the tiny miracle of HOPE!
    Much love always!

  2. ME TOO JANE...I've prayed for a MIRACLE too!
    Oh that hope is our ANCHOR, strong and sure. Praise God! TEARS tonight...thank you Jesus for HOPE and POSITIVE DOCTORS and PROMISE.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news! God gave you the answer you needed through Ajay. I can hear the hope and PEACE in your words. Praise Him!
    Hugs to all of you, Sara

  4. I know you don't me and my family, but I wanted to let you know we have been praying!

    Every day and night including our 3 and 5 yr old.

    Praising God with you with your news!

    We will continue to pray. God is able and wrapping His arms around Ajay, always!

    Blessings and hugs!

    Cathy and family

  5. I sat here in a Canadian airport with chill bumps. That you God!

  6. God is faithful and I'm so grateful He gave you those seeds of HOPE just when you needed it most! Like everyone else here (and many people around the WORLD) we are praying diligently for Ajay's MIRACLE and trust that since he is already known as ND's "miracle boy" that he will get to keep that title and live out a healthy life! Praying for God to continue to sustain and strengthen you during this time as you take refuge in His shadow. God bless you all! <><