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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Update Aug 22

I apologize for a couple days passing for an update. Ajay progress has been extremely slow and I feel strange posting without some news. He still has good and bad days, and rests in between, tolerating all continued meds and treatments without struggle. He isn't in any pain and is such a happy boy through and through...
 In the last couple days, Ajay has been participating in PT and continued used of CPAP machine, and high flow O2. The good news is he has been able to wean down a tiny bit, and is tolerating less pressure. Today we wait for results of xray to see if his lung is still inflated or has decreased again. It seems as though his lung does well with the help of machines but quickly deflates, unable to withstand the pressures needed to breathe on his own.
Ajay isn't vomitting anymore, so I believe we are over the withdrawal stages of recovery. Although it was never officially diagnosed, I think his body was showing signs in more ways...but he is better in that regard and we are thankful. He still has feeding tube and a tube suctioning his stomach for air ( the air could possibly be increasing the vomiting with extra air in his stomach), as he is not able to eat until the CPAP and O2 levels are much much lower. These machines blow a tremendous amount of air into his stomach which will make him vomit. So, we are hopeful once the CPAP is weaned down, that we can have an ENT and swallow study done to make sure he is able to eat and withhold food and liquids without being ill.
I also have switched roles with my husband, and have returned home. I returned to work this week, and my boys started school and other activities. So I will only get to see Ajay on the weekends. Its been a very hard transition, but I know in my heart its the best thing to do right now. I will do my best to continue to update everyone!!
I am attaching a picture of Ajay during PT. Please don't repost on Facebook or any other pages....thanks!



  1. It's sure good to see photos of him up and playing, even if they are just baby steps ~ they are still 'steps' in the right direction!

    Thank you for the update and know we will be praying for you and this transition back to work, as well. Hang in there and may God sustain you all during this tough time!

    Big Hugs,
    ~ Tanya

  2. We pray everyday...and we won't stop! It is so good to see him sitting up! Praying over every detail and that he will be weaned more and more and his lung will strengthen. He is such a trooper! And so are you, momma! Praying for you as you transition back to work and home...I know Ajay is in great hands!