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Monday, August 15, 2011

Update Monday Aug 15

Ajay did very well throughout night, but had dome alarming news this afternoon. Although blood gases and O2 levels seemed typical, some of the gases were not...xray revealed his right lung showed "dense collapse" due to his Malaysia, secretions, bruising of lung from surgery and of course the damage from clot, to name a few. He is still struggling to breathe, even while on high pressure oxygen levels.

Many have asked how this could be happening, and why is his lung is not better if he was removed from the vent? The best way I know how to explain it, is the pressures required for vent use are much different then the pressure required to breathe. So if Ajay was "sprinted" and did well practicing breathing on his own with back up support of the vent, he may still struggle when having to breathe without the same pressures, and in fact try to breathe totally on his own. When the lung was trained to inhale and exhale, it did just that, but when you have to do it all on your own is quite a different ball game. I asked the doctors several questions, and with all Ajay has endured with procedures and surgeries, its difficult to start doing everything on his own. He is going to have lots of good and bad days, days of struggle and hard work with respiratory treatments to try to strengthen his lungs to breathe room air levels without respiratory distress. To avoid being reintubated, I have asked that they do everything possible to avoid any invasive procedures like a trach unless, there are no other options. I believe with time, Ajay will be able to heal and overcome these hurdles and live a normal life. Until then, we are going to try a treatment called CPAP, which involves a machine to blow forceful air into his lungs through a tightly sealed mask, to hopefully pop open his lung. Along with his regular meds, percussion treatments, etc they are hopeful and with time, Ajay will heal. I hope and pray he will tolerate the mask.


  1. Oh we will pray with you that he will be receptive to that mask and that it will help him tremendously! Praying for heart miracles, lung miracles, CPAP miracles tonight!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to post these updates. We are praying for successful respiratory treatments & healing for Ajay's lungs. We love you Ajay!!! xoxoxo

  3. We are continuing to pray for Ajay! Thank you for keeping us updated! We are also praying for you, your husband and boys during this time.