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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update Aug 4th

Small changes today, although a tiny bit of improvement in Ajay's right lung shown yesterday in his chest xray. Doctors are being much more aggressive towards his lung treatments, and actually were able to decrease 2 settings to "make" Ajay breathe and use his lungs more independently. Blood flow tests today revealed that he has 70% use of right lung and 30% use of left lung and that the heart surgery was in fact a success. Dr. Bove (surgeon) did what he said, and it was complete! Ajay is now receiving adequate blood flow to his right lung. I often wonder how much blood flow he had before? I also know that there is some tissue damage from lack of blood flow to both lungs...but as Ajay has proven his whole life...he adapted and lived with what he had. It still amazes me to think that he used less than half of his lungs combined, had a diseased heart and still managed to play, eat, laugh, etc without too much distress considering all that the doctors are continuing to find. Its truly a blessing to be here with Ajay. :)
Today he was signing more to the nurse, who in fact has a hearing impaired son, and she was very familiar with sign language. Ajay took to her quickly! She was impressed by all that he knew, and how well he could communicate his needs. Some decreases in sedation allowed Ajay to communicate easier today, with the intent to try to wean off all these narcotics. He did fairly well. He is having some withdrawals to the medications but is tolerating the changes to his body. He remains a fighter!!
All in all, small changes are still GOOD changes and he is moving in the right direction.



  1. So glad to know that he is doing better and making progress!

  2. I think these are huge changes and they make me so happy. Been following your journey and Ajay's. Praying for him always.

  3. Every change in the right direction is worth celebrating!! So happy to hear these praise reports and will continue to pray and believe for complete healing of those lungs and that damaged tissue. Love and hugs to all of you!!

    God bless! <><

  4. LOVE to see answered prayer!! YAHOO!!!! What a wonderful day!


  5. Rejoicing!!! I have been praying for Ajay. This news makes my heart sing!

  6. YES YES YES!!!!!!
    answers to prayer!
    We will not stop praying!

  7. Praise God for good changes. Praying for sweet Ajay.