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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Update August 13 part 2

Ajay  has managed thus far to avoid the reintubation, however we came close several times late afternoon into early evening of losing him. Our doctor, has been very very patient full knowing we are avoiding the vent again. Today we have seen Ajay struggle with thick secretions that meds have not been able to break up, exhaustion through countless attempts at suctioning and discomfort throughout every breathe. Its hard to say how he will tolerate the night, but would appreciate any extra prayers you could send for a peaceful restful night.

It took over an hour to regain normal breathing and stats. He dropped to the low teens for oxygen levels, and respirations doubled, indicating his fight for each breathe. He has made it and for that we are grateful. However, its more than hard to see him fight for every breathe taken today.

Its almost 8pm here,and Ajay is sleeping, with elevated respiration and oxygen levels stable for the moment. His color looks good and he appears to be at peace without pain.

I will post again soon...


  1. We continue to pray for sweet Ajay, and for you all.

  2. Prayers continue. I have to tell you, my faith has been increased through the miracles being performed through Ajay. I have literally raised my hands and prayed for miracles, only to have you post the results with proof that God still performs miracles in this day and age. Praise to God who is good all the time!